BIGMENTION is a full-service, relationship-based graphic design studio focused on developing brands and helping bring big ideas to fruition.  

Integrity, honesty, communication, focus and (most importantly) creativity are the cornerstones of every single project.   





With nearly 20 years experience in all areas of both the creative and professional worlds and with a worldwide network of creative collaborators.. 



Website Design + Development
Print Design
Logo Design + Branding
Signage + Environmental
Email Marketing
Photography + Video Production
Sound Design + Audio Production 




Behind every great brand is a great plan.

That plan should differentiate you from key competitors and position you as a leader. You’ll know what you stand for and see a clear path forward.

Get the forward-thinking brand tools necessary to take your plan confidently into the marketplace. These could include everything from a high-performance website to print materials that you need to best communicate your message, with style.

Ideas are where all of this start. Ideas are what BIGMENTION is all about.



Style Guide Creation
Brand Identity Evaluation
Marketing + 




BIGMENTION tracks back to the ’90s. Working in a small print shop, learning my craft. It began as my way to anonymously distribute handmade, small-run limited edition publications, recordings, clothing, graphic design and art. Grounded in graffiti, many of the original publications (where anonymity is ideal), titled BIGMENTION were left in random locations or inserted into bookshelves at the big box stores as surprise gifts for strangers. 


Who I am.

I’m Ian Stewart.  I’m an artist and designer. 

I’m a Kansan. I was born here, raised here and will more than likely die here.

I love Kansas. For better or for worse. It's molded me into who I am. I've lived other places and enjoyed stretching myself geographically, but Kansas is — and always will be — home. 

Why, this. 

At the risk of sounding cliche: I can’t not do it. Art is life. It always has been for me and likely always will. My goal is to not only make art and grow as both an individual and artist but also to forge relationships with like-minded people. It’s important to have a hive, and mine is always growing. I want BIGMENTION to be a way for me to collaborate — with others who are as passionate about what they do as I am about what I do, with non-profit groups that need help with their cause and with businesses that are looking to give their brands a refreshed look. 

What I do.

I'm a designer but first and foremost, I'm an artist. And how I've preferred to view it is, I make things. I source found objects and bits of nature and forgotten treasures — things you won’t find on the shelves at an art store — to create my art. I make music in a similar fashion, piecing together bits of my life in audio format to create something new. As a designer I've worked with a variety of clients spanning the range between NPR and NIKE. 

I hope whatever I make illustrates where my head’s at any given time. Every now and again, I'm lucky enough to share some of the things I’ve made in galleries, at shops, in magazines and on stage.

Every time I’m able to do so is an honor — truly. 

The Future.

BIGMENTION has changed a lot over the years. I've worked many jobs in the creative and marketing field. Most recently  for a creative agency as an Art Director, but through the years regardless of employment location BIGMENTION has allowed me to create beyond the 9 to 5.  

Currently I'm focusing solely on BIGMENTION  and hope to explore more creative collaborations in all areas of the business, non-profit, art, film, and music worlds. I pride myself on not simply creating graphic design for a profit, in favor of something that transcends standard template-based design  -  there are many options available for that sort of service. Hopefully, if an angle is to be had, that would be mine.

But most important: BIGMENTION is ever evolving into something else.                            

As all good things should.