2016-2018 | by IAN WALKER STEWART

45 in X 55 in

Found clippings, prepared clippings, stencils, Krink K-60, Krink K-71, Montana Colors Spray Paint, Sakura Paint Stick, mixed media on vintage canvas panel with custom pine frame box.

NOTES: Produced from summer 2016 through spring 2018 using a variety of collage and painting techniques on a vintage canvas panel found at a grarage sale. Initially the piece was intended to be minimal in it's layout with only a simple female figure placed near the bottom and the "waves" textures to come from behind her flowing up to the top right and off the canvas. But as often happens with initial ideas the simplicity of the idea didn't look refined or fit the mood. At completion the canvas was filled with one complete layer and some areas with 3-4 more layers and then the process of extraction began, removing certain elements to reveal the underlying layers and outlining certain portions to create a flowing wave-like look to it. The concept of the piece was to convey, in an abstract delivery, the philosophical notion of the "anthropic principle" which is is a philosophical consideration that observations of the universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it.