October 2007
Tangentlab Gallery

This was my first proper solo exhibition. The "theme" behind it was more or less the fact that we as peoples, doing our own different peoples things, in whatever portion of the globe we may happen to reside, are not as different as it may sometimes seem. We all want the same basic things and fear the same basic fears. Like most of what I do, I didn't want that notion to be an in your face statement but rather suggested many different little things related to that in a subtle manner and by using a variety of human biological source images and various portraits of people of various nationalities in the collages.

This was somewhat of a departure from my previous efforts style wise in addition to the production process. I became more interested in wanting to layer things even more so than before by doing a lot of modifications to the pieces in various stages using a more "hands on" approach as opposed to being entirely produced digitally. It varied from piece to piece but a lot of things started out as a cut and paste collage that would then be scanned in to the computer where edits and modifications were done then printed back out and modified by hand and then eventually after however many cycles of that would be finally scanned back to the computer for printing.

Throughout the course of this new process, which I had only dabbled in lightly before, I found that I preferred the look of the pieces by removing traces of or simply skewing in some way, many of the prominent imagery that I think many people associated with my original collages. None of the things I make are necessarily about the images in the piece anyway, the source material is used as texture to add depth and create flow to the piece.

This show took roughly a year to put together but the work spans 2003-2007 in various forms. It was extremely personal work that I cared a lot about and was meant to reflect the changes in my life and outlook that occurred from my moves to San Francisco and back to Wichita then out east briefly to NYC and back again to Wichita.

This show would not have been possible without the assistance of everyone I know and love but specifically Brad Ruder of Tangentlab for being so understanding of my procrastination, Heather Von Feldt for her staying up the entire night before the opening helping finish boxes and hanging the show 2 hours before the show was to start, Albert Alfonso for Disc Jockeying great atmospheric musics and my family for hanging out and watching me drunkenly attempt to do an art talk.