This is, and has been for as long as I can remember, my favorite time of the year. Temps turning cool after what usually is an ass raping hot Kansas summer.. trees changing colors... new Trapper Keeper's and pencils and clothes and new kicks and shit for school. All that. Some of my fondest memories are of this time of year. Music sounds better. Pretty girls look prettier. Tasty food tastes tastier. .. It just feels like starting fresh. Even though you're just going on through your day to day. Same as always.

Anyways. Yeah. Had a good Saturday night. Weather was perfect. Rocked a hoodie and hat. Took some pics. Hung out with an old out of town friend, chilled in Riverside and went to the mini zoo where some dipshits set off the alarm by trying to climb on the cage. Learned a thing or two about shit I should already know plenty. Went to the first party I've been to in probably a year. Peep that random dude's busted up grill. Apparently he fell off a fence. I dunno. Whatever. Made for am interesting 30 second exchange and funny picture to remember it by. My homey's numbed expression summed up the end part of the night for me.

I listened to Dudley Perkins "Flowers" on repeat for most of the drive. Perfect soundtrack issshhh