For those not familiar with Mr. Mackie and his wide range of musical outputs over the years, don't worry. 
He has made it a point to keep things low key. His most well known endeavor would likely be with the 
band Sonna, in the late 90's and early 2000's. Jeremy Devine was also a member and went on to
create Temporary Residence Ltd., which has a release catalog more superb than just about any
indie label of the past 15 years, including one of Chris' solo efforts as Christopher Flores called
'Testing the Blues' which I did the artwork for a few years back. It truly was a masterpiece, in my humble
opinion, utilizing programmed electronics textured with organic elements to create a sound truly his own.
"Heartbreaking" is the one word I'd offer to sum it up. Nearly all of it was recorded on his Macbook in
various locations along the east coast. 

After moving back to Kansas, following the breakup of Sonna, Chris started playing with local instrumental
favorites This Great October (which I also did a bunch of arts for and need to post on here). It was through 
here that I met Chris and formed a friendship. During this time period, along with Torin Andersen and Aaron
Mitchael among others, Chris and myself played improvisational shows as La La Lexica. 

Then, as many people from Wichita do (myself included), Chris moved away then back again and we played
a few more shows as Deathblack Flowers, before he moved away yet again, back out to the nation's capital.
This is where Chris' work shifted from electronically based instrumentals to more of a singer songwriter steez. 
Which is where his newest work finds him. It has come full circle and I'm proud to be able to call him 
a collaborator and of course friend.

He has a new website with several downloads and videos. Take a minute and check it out.