If you hadn't noticed already, the opening for my show "For Monday Myths" didn't happen. It simply was a result of poor timing. The bulk of the work was already completed but I wasn't able to dedicate the time and resources that would have been essential to me making the show everything I wanted it to be. Sadly, this happens from time to time but I'm hoping to take what I had completed and add it to what I'm working on currently and have an even better show a little further down the line. 

On another note, the print show in September at the Alibi Room was a hit and INDELIBLE was a massive success at Tangent Lab last weekend. I haven't had that much fun at a show in quite a while. Many thanks go to everyone involved.. I won't start spouting off a bunch of names because I know I'll inevitably forget someone important. You know who you are. Many hearts to you. If you missed out on the event, unfortunately it was a one night only thing but there will still be pieces available for purchase, later on this week. Stop in to Hell Bomb and ask to see what's left if you're looking to buy. And get tattooed while you're at it.