In addition to the mix CD's (see previous post) I also have these new books which, as the title suggests, collect various pieces made over the past decade. It was tough sifting through a mountain of archives and photos to find the things that best represent my entire body of work during that time period, and in the end I scrapped the idea of trying to show any sort of artistic growth or maturation and just picked things I liked. There's no order or specific sequence to the book, it simply is a bunch of shit I did that I like and thought maybe other people might like too.. enough to pay me money for a bound copy of them. 

Additionally, among the completed works are unedited pieces of source material from my now massive collection. I thought it would be relevant to show some of these in their found state as often times I mutilate them to fit my own needs. It should be fairly clear what is something I made and what is something I found, but nothing is notated, because honestly, I'm too lazy for that. It's enough for me to just have put it together. Maybe the next one will have notations. But probably not.

There are several different covers available and I only have a few of these at the moment but they are 100 pages printed on acid free stock and spiral bound for easy tracing / copying. They're $50 each and come packaged with the FOUND SOUND mix and two 5x7 prints on watercolor stock. They'll be on etsy next week but will go for a little more than that, and not packaged with the CD. If I owe you money or if I've been an asshole, jerk, prick, or anything of that nature and one of these books would help make that right, please by all means let me give you one. Of course I'd need to agree with you that I was any of those things, but chances are I will.