I'm EXTREMELY excited to be finally putting the finishing touches on the art and packaging for the album. I just got the master from Chris last week and can't say enough good things about how great of a job Paul @ Deep Search Audio did with making the songs sound amazing.

We should have some copies ready to pick up by the show on the 27th. I think anyone who has heard Chris' previous work will see the progression and maturation to where he is now. For those that aren't familiar with his past projects I think this album will no doubt make you want to go dig the webs and find him out. A lot of it is out of print, but we may have to do something about that.

Also coming up will be the release of the remix project from a few of the tracks on Pale Moons.. as well as the companion full length DOWN AND OUT ON QUEEN STREET, which Chris made simultaneously with Pale Moons. These songs lean more towards a stripped down acoustic sound but carry the same weight as the fuzzed out, drum machined tracks on Pale Moons. There will be a standard packaged version of the album as well as a deluxe book version packaged with Pale Moons. We will be working together on these releases as a Fawn Tape Digital / BIG MENTION cooperative.

There's talks of perhaps getting Chris out on an east coast tour in the fall and some local shows coming up with the full band version THE DEATHBLACK FLOWERS.

Stay tuned for more.. thanks for checking in.


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