just sent off final artwork to the pressing plant for ANTIMOSITY's debut album with DJ MIX A MYTE 1. it's a pretty cool concept album where the bulk of the instrumentals were produced using samples from artists based, or raised here in wichita. they spent over a year on it and are putting it out themselves 100% independently on the newly formed MADWEST MUSIC GROUP label. this will be release MDWST001.

as with any album art i do i'm very honored to have gotten the opportunity to be the visual representation of someone's hard work, their labor of love.. or for that matter their life summed up, for the duration of it's production.

these are the digital versions of the entire campaign. i'll try to get some good images of the printed, completed products as they come back. but better yet, go grab one after the 26th of this month. they'll be everywhere around town or on amazon and itunes for out of town headz. tees will be available at the shows or on the BIG MENTION STORE as soon as we get them in.

ps- the album release jam is on the 30th at ROCK ISLAND LIVE. the flyer for it is down below. this will be the best shot at getting the new tees. the skull girl is bound to go fast.