i've been meaning to post a something or other about this show with katie sykes and michael pointer for weeks now but crazy week turned into crazy month then months, and so on and now the show is here, tomorrow in fact. we just got most everything up on the walls at tangent lab last night. i've still got a little more work to do on an installation i put together but yeah.. it's mostly ready. really pleased with the end results. this will be the most elaborate installation i've done, which incorporates found objects, video loops created specifically for the show and a found sound / ambient collage, of sorts. i'd post pics of it but being that it's not completely put together i'll wait til after the show.. or better yet just come see it.

the theme of the show initially was "apocalypse, end of the world" being that the 2012 whatever is approaching but i had a hard time coming up with something i liked so i abstracted the theme a bit to create works based around "the end of our world" as in the world two individuals create when in a long term romantic relationship, and not only the collapse of said created world but also snippets of time when things were grand + good with smiles galore.

all of this  is a fictional ( i have the raddest lady ever) narrative based on past experiences of course but nevertheless a darker theme that i won't likely work within on such a large scale for a while (that shit is depressing).  but hopefully the story (told through a series of QR codes placed on the title cards and integrated into the installation) is something anyone can relate to and perhaps make the viewer take an extra look at the pieces.

here's the link to the TL website with a great comment by show curator, katie sykes:

and a few random detail views of some of my contributions to the show.. hope to see you there

ps- tangent lab is in old town at 143 north rock island, 3rd floor
the show starts at 7 and wraps up around 11 with the 10@10 artist talk (at 10 pm, get it?)