this is a short documentary style art film i made as a collab with my beautiful, talented girlfriend sarah. it focuses on the concept behind her new series of manhole cover rubbings. initially this was going to be a straight forward documentary but then after spending a little time with the video footage (shot by myself as well as charles kephart) i decided to make this more of a textured collage style video so as to contrast the finished pieces themselves but also to best detail the process and concept in a short time period without leaving out too much of what there is to show.

it's narrated by an interview we recorded on my iphone one night after several beers, laying in bed, before falling asleep. it's a little silly, all due to me and my poor grammar in such states of inebriation but it's honest and simple and in my opinion, beautiful.

a link to this piece will accompany her first finished, framed manhole cover rubbing that will be displayed this friday as part of the SENSES group show at SHIFT SPACE GALLERY that i'll also be showing a new collage assemblage piece