we decided to peel ourselves off the couch last night and peep out ATMOSPHERE.

this was once a group i followed closely, having been blown away by "scapegoat" when i first heard it back in 99 or so and playing out the 12 inch i had to get through mail order (yes - mail order) i've since not heard or stayed up on anything new from these cats really at all, since maybe 2002 or 2003. so of course for over half the set i knew no songs but regardless seeing them perform scapegoat, a version almost identical to the original album cut took me back to a time period of myself 10 or more years younger - living in riverside, pre sfca / bknyc. a completely different world from where i'm at now.

i really didn't know many local heads, i kept to myself. sat around in my apartment teaching myself how to use illustrator and photoshop on an old iMac (the blue dome robot looking one), collecting vinyl, making mix tapes (yes - actual cassette mix tapes) catching tags, smoking, drinking coffee, trying to find a niche in the little art scene here in wichita. music was the heart of all this and atmosphere was amongst the constantly evolving playlist. through them i discovered artists that i still would cite as favorites and represent a period where a shift of the tides brought me through (quite a lot) to where i find myself today.

seriously though, anyone who tells me they like atmosphere i tell them to get DEEP PUDDLE DYNAMICS. a super collabo with slug, doseone, and alias. download the only album here: THE TASTE OF RAIN..WHY KNEEL.