bits + pieces recorded from november of 2012 til.. now, or just a while ago.

a lot of this was made for HEADZ and all of that project. and much like any piece of "art" i make, as soon as i'm done with it i'm already on to the next. which if everything keeps evolving as i'd like it to, is slightly better than the previous attempt. in other words, some of the older things i feel reluctant to share because i hear so many things i'd like to change but if i don't say "fuck it" i'll never do anything with them -  and all desire to make changes aside, i really like the songs on this collection. still not an album, just some selected things i've made in what i consider to have been one of the more creatively productive time periods in my life.

there wasn't but maybe a day or two from the end of october until april that i wasn't lost in headphones land piecing together little bits of sounds and trying to make something listenable out of them. every morning at 5 am before grinding away all day designing and printing things, most lunch hour breaks, as many evening hours as my very understanding wife and daughter would allow and almost every waking hour, in my head.. constantly thinking of ways to make something tangible out of it all.

it should be noted that many of these pieces were produced with the notion that mr. THOREAU BIXBY would be adding vocals to them, whether it be in a live setting or recorded for release. before connecting at HEADZ2 ( i think? ) i'd never imagined that any of these things could possibly work  with a vocalist in the traditional sense.. nor had i attempted to work with one. and while everything on this collection is instrumental, i'd guess that going forward this would probably be the last collection being entirely void of vocals.

sides A & B of the cassette release were mixed together in a mix tape format, with interludes and whatnot.

included in the download are a few extras thangs:

+ DIY tape cassette package
+ CD cover / inserts
+ 30 piece set of art trading cards
+ video for COUNTT

i have actual CD's and cassettes available for purchase / trade as well, for those so inclined.

if you enjoy this, please let me know.

as pretty much everything, this all is for sarah, my love.