a group of young, dedicated wichita skaters have put together the WICHITA SKATEBOARDING SOCIETY. their first event is a competition on national go-skate day, called THE BANGERS UNDER THE BRIDGE this friday the 21st, at the city outdoor skate park, off of st. francis, under the kellogg overpass.

myself and THOREAU BIXBY will be supplying the soundtrack to the after party, which kicks off around 10 pm at THE ANCHOR. this will be the last time, in quite a while THBXY and i are able to do a show together as he is getting on a plane to move out west to the city of angels first thing saturday morning. we will be doing some things together as well as our own material. i've also created a new projection for the event that i'm excited to share.

below is the foldout promo poster i designed for the after party as well as a super limited tank top design i did up just for this, as a thank you / adios to a collaborator and friend i've only just met less than a year ago but clicked with instantly and will miss a great deal. keep your eye on him, he's definitely going places.