been spending a great deal of time fleshing out new CLEME projects.. the first few are below

four tracks in the form of a mixtape created using songs from the NOTES.SCRAPS soundcloud page. initially this was to be a single song attempt but as the songs appeared in my headphones over time more ideas developed and one song became 4 (the go to gone remix is 2 parts really). to fill out the tape a few tracks done this past summer that fit in mood and atmosphere were added to the end. there will be a small edition of cassettes released as well.. more info on those soon.

then also.. re-releasing EASYSAID with a new hidden track added to side A of the cassette and included as a bonus track of the digital download. the track is called SBINT and represents where i'm at in my head right now and hopefully resonates with anyone kind enough to give it a listen.