getting some love in the blogosphere as well as the print world with a few blips on CLEME. 

first, a humbling review of EASYSAID by torIn andersen for F5. that can be found here:

and in case you haven't gotten a copy yet the download with newly added bonus track can be picked up here for whatever price your heart desires: 

then, earlier in the week the remix of DREAMCRUSHER released on xmas called WRRATHH was chosen as some of the week's best music by STYLSS magazine. the full list + streaming of the track which was done over 2 years ago and finally seeing a release (see below) can be found here:

and lastly (but not leastly) our homey THIS AIN'T HEAVEN RECORDING CONCERN (TAHRC) who is responsible for releasing all the CLEME cassettes has gotten the clearance to release DREAMCRUSHER: CANAL DE HOLOGRAMS as a deluxe cassette with remixes.. featuring my remix WRRATHH (see above). the cassettes are limited and as with all of DC's tapes.. they will sell out. grab one here:

you can also stream the entire album on their soundcloud page.. but here's WRRATHH: