Recorded over the course of a year and a half, this collection of tracks goes further with the performance based production technique which began towards the end of recording UNFOLD. Heavily influenced by everyday life but in particular my studio routine becoming more refined. Setting small goals to push my process into new directions. Experimenting with the same things but in a new way. For the sake of trying something new. I also became very intrigued by analog synthesis and the juxtaposition of those very electronic sounds mixed with very organic elements, recorded from a variety of instruments loaned by my brother, Trevor Stewart. Finding that balance and where to draw lines is part of the process that cannot be understated. As is the ability to collaborate with someone who comes at music in a completely different way. The studio time we were able to spend together following the passing of our grandparents resulted in not only personal healing but also some very inspirational sounds, a few of which are included in the collection.

As always, I want to create an emotional connection to the listener but not in an overly recognizable fashion. While I feel DONTS was me finding that connection and UNFOLD being a superior collection on a technical level but not quite as emotionally connected I feel these tracks are the combination of the two and I hope as with anyone who makes things to share with the world, that growth is evident, efforts recognized and product enjoyed.







Recorded primarily following the turn of 2019 into early summer. Created in response to the end of an 8 year relationship and all of the inevitable changes that go along with such things. A new studio, residence, daily routine, perspective and general sense of reality all played a significant role in the outcome of these tracks as a collection.


As CLEME, visual artist Ian Walker Stewart, founder of BIGMENTION, creates moody, textured, heady, sometimes ambient sounds in the key of hip hop but not married to any genre. Geographically located in the middle of the great plains but having spent time on both coasts, the influences of all things come together. A thoughtful fusion of abstract beats, visuals, and sonic textures that blends music and art in a powerfully coherent aesthetic.




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